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Using MS Teams for Training

  • July 29, 2020 2:44 PM
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    I agree with Ellen  about MS Teams but any online meeting system. To do the training justice, the presenter should only present. A person that acts as producer should set up the session and is up on the technology of the systems is needed. Someone should also be available to monitor the chat. 

    Our Organizational Leadership and Learning department at U of L has gone exclusively to MS Teams, in that U of L provides this for free for all faculty, staff and students. I find that is easy to use and is a very stable platform. I have been using this in all of my classes for one of one student feedback. I also have an open house a few times throughout the semester where a student can log in at the specified time and ask questions and network with others. I put it to good use in the project management class I teach. I use this platform for the virtual teams to discuss the various project elements and share files. 

    I have had very few issues with students logging in to sessions. I create a channel for each of the teams so they can have private meetings. I made myself a member of the channel so I can directly give feedback.

  • June 05, 2020 8:20 AM
    Message # 9016945

    Looking for suggesting on using MS Teams for training. I am missing Webex Training Center.

    Simple things like getting a participant list are a challenge as the corporate admin has not turned that capability on yet. I know you can pull a list during the session, but that is hard if you have no producer. 

    Monitoring Chat can be challenging as it also registers when folks join and when you have large numbers, you have to scroll through Chat to get to questions or responses you may have asked for (ie give me an emoji if you agree, etc) 

    I have tried polls in the chat as well and some times they work, and some times they don't...

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