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A trusted resource of Kentuckiana businesses and training professionals for providing innovative and sustainable talent development solutions.

Our chapter is a nationally recognized talent development leader in the Kentuckiana area. We are a regional, non-profit association of talent development professionals, representing companies from small consulting firms to large corporations, providing our members with a forum for the exchange of professional development opportunities and resources as they strive to improve workplace learning and performance. 

  Backstage Pass: ATD's New Focus on Developing      Sales Capability

      Backstage Pass: ATD's New Focus on Developing Sales Capability

    Be one of the first to get an insider view into how ATD is investing in the sales training and enablement community.

    During this webinar, sales content leader Dayna Williams will share how a team of diverse, sales enablement professionals            have taken the ATD Capability model and thoughtfully re-casted it to guide the work we do to 'Develop Sales Capability' within      revenue generating organizations. She'll walk through the Work Methodology contained within this model and how this                process will come alive at this year's SELL conference in November.

    Join to receive access to a special discount code for SELL registration just for chapter members. Click here to register.

    This webinar is offered through ATD National.

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