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Leaders Deserve Better: A Leadership Development Movement

  • April 28, 2020
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Virtual Conference Bridge


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Leaders sitting in a classroom setting to learn about how to be strategic, have difficult conversations, or communicate better isn’t sticking.  And sending a leader away to an executive education program is limited in its value at best.  Creating a new and better path forward means challenging the ideas of how we develop leaders. Creating better leaders means creating a better Leadership Development approach!

This session on Leadership Development challenges learning professionals to think differently about how their companies develop people and prepare them for what’s ahead. When leaders feel that they are fully prepared, true transformational change is just around the corner.

We live in a crazy, constantly changing world and getting people ready for that “crazy” is what will separate the top from the bottom organizations. This session will address how to rewire our development of people and organizations. Specifically, it will address:

  • Why what’s worked in the past isn’t working for today’s leaders.
  • How to connect business victories to people victories with four leadership development principals.
  • Change leader’s mindsets for the value they bring by level of leader: what is the difference between Leaders of Other, Leaders of leaders and Functional Leaders roles? Share this criteria with existing and up and coming leaders.
  • Is there a way to measure how we are doing with the preparation of leaders overall?

There aren’t enough leaders and they aren’t prepared for what the business needs from them in their current roles let alone for future roles. They won’t be ready unless we make a substantial change.

Professional Capability: Career & Leadership Development 

    Meet our Speaker

    Jennifer Mackin, Oliver Group

    Jennifer Mackin is a change agent at heart; a passionate believer that the path of development is an ongoing and life-long journey. Jennifer, the CEO of two consulting firms, Oliver Group, Inc., and Leadership Pipeline Institute US, enables people and companies to transform. Jennifer helps leaders recognize that—most importantly--we must change our mindset about how to develop people. What we are doing now just doesn’t work. She has a bold goal for CEOs and other leaders to see the tie between business victories and people victories.

    Jennifer is one of the few women leading a growing, national leadership consulting firm. As an author, releasing her upcoming book, Leaders Deserve Better: A Leadership Revolution, redefining leadership development in mid-2020, and a recognized leadership development influencer, she is a “go-to” speaker, able to connect the dots for audiences to identify WHY development is lacking and advise on how to defy the status quo and create a different path forward.


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