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Half Day Workshop: Ask Powerful Questions!

  • April 23, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Indiana Wesleyan | 1500 Alliant Ave, Louisville, KY
  • 225


  • Includes lunch and post-lunch workshop.
  • Lunch session only.

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A S K  P OWE R F U L  Q U E S T I O N S !


Transform a Tactical Request to a Strategic Opportunity

"We are not making our revenue numbers. The sales force is not negotiating effectively. Do you have some type of training to improve their negotiating skills?" 


Sound familiar? Another request that comes with a predetermined solution or tactic, but how do we know the solution provided is needed or sufficient to solve the problem?


In this workshop, learn how to ask powerful questions that will be viewed as supportive and strategic in approach. You will leave the workshop with a starter kit of questions to use in future meetings for learning requests.


WORKSHOP AGENDA, Tuesday, April 23 from Noon to 5PM

Lunch Session from 12PM - 1PM:

Session: The Mental Model for Working Strategically from 12PM - 1PM


Post Lunch Sessions from 1PM - 5PM:

Session I: Three Kinds of Work: Transactional, Tactical, & Strategic

Session II: The Gaps Map

Session III: Six Criteria Used to Determine if an Opportunity is Strategic or Tactical 



(1) Differentiate among transactional, tactical, and strategic work, using criteria to determine whether a client request requires a strategic or tactical response.


(2) Utilize a strategic consulting mental model to define and align four organizational needs: business, performance, individual, and organizational capability.


(3) Analyze a client's request by using the SHOULD-IS-CAUSE logic, determining information that is known and unknown about a specific situation.


(4) Form powerful questions to reframe tactical requests for a learning/other solution into discussions of the client's required business and performance results. 



Chris Adams is a performance consultant and instructional designer with over 20 years of experience helping clients engage people, apply processes, and implement technology to improve human and organizational performance. He is currently a senior consultant for Handshaw, Inc. in Charlotte, NC.

In 1999, Chris was co-inventor of Handshaw’s award-winning software, Lumenix – one of the first content-managed platforms for e-learning. Chris has been a featured speaker for a number of ISPI and ATD chapters and has presented at regional and international conferences such as Training Solutions, The Performance Improvement Conference, and the Coast Guard Human Performance Technology Conference.

Chris is a long-time member of the International Society for Performance Improvement and was a founding board member of the Charlotte chapter, where he served as chapter president in 2013. He holds degrees in mass communication and instructional systems technology, and is currently a doctoral candidate in the Instructional Design and Technology program at Old Dominion University, where his research interests include applying new perspectives from design research to human performance technology.

Chris is partnered with Dana Robinson in delivering performance consulting services offered by Handshaw, Inc.

 Download a printable PDF of the ASK POWERFUL QUESTIONS workshop!




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