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Spreading the Knowledge: How Texas Roadhouse Designs & Delivers Legendary Training

     Join us on Tuesday October 23, as the Texas Roadhouse Instructional Design Team presents on their roles and responsibilities within the Training Department ranging from LMS administration, content creation, eLearning design, graphic design, videography, solution design, and recognition programs. With a 25-year history built on Passion, Partnership, Integrity, and Fun with Purpose, we will discuss how cross-departmental and field collaboration is key to creating training and programs that are relevant, concise, culture-specific, and encourage legendary job performance. As a special treat, Amy Schwoeppe, the Roadie Development Committee Representative, will share how Texas Roadhouse provides professional development opportunities for the Support Center employees.

Learning Objectives

1. Create content based on company culture

2. Design microlearning experiences through eLearning and video for performance support

3. Develop print materials such as procedural posters and materials for on-the-job training

4. Tips on how to administer and run an LMS for a large organization

The Instructional Design Team consists of Gayle Shuff, Lauren McCombs, Dennis O'Neil, Bobby Shirley, Amie Stirn, Benji Raufeisen, Farrah Bunch, and Amy Schwoeppe.

Date: Tuesday October 23, 2018

Time: 5:00p-6:30p

Location: Texas Roadhouse Support Center

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