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The Shift From Instructional Design to Experience Design

August 2016

Summarized Monday, August 01, 2016

From The Harvard Business Review by Josh Bersin on July 25, 2016

As technology has advanced, it’s now expected that training comes in compelling, bite-sized sessions that employees can consume at their leisure. But learning management systems remain slow and unwieldy, often hindering employee development rather than supporting it. Learning and advancement opportunities are the biggest drivers of employees' engagement and perception of their workplace. It is of critical importance that managers rethink the way training is offered. This doesn’t mean simply upgrading their learning platforms. It means totally overhauling the way learning and development is accomplished, by shifting the focus to the design of the programs themselves, and the overall user experience. The shift from instructional design, which is what most companies have focused on for years, to experience design, is extremely important. In today’s hectic, fast-paced working environment, employees simply can’t take the time to learn unless that learning is immediately relevant to them and already embedded in their work processes. 

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