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2018 Day of Learning Conference

'Creating High Performance Teams

September 25th, 2018


Muhammad Ali Center

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Opening Keynote: Jennifer McClure, Founder & CEO, Unbridled Talent and DisruptHR

Jennifer McClure is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, leadership success coach, and former HR executive who works with business leaders to build their influence, think strategically, and create maximum positive impact at work and in life.

As a top-rated international speaker and CEO of Unbridled Talent, Jennifer is recognized as an influencer and expert on strategic leadership and innovative people strategies, and she's delivered programs to over 50,000 people around the world.

As host of the popular weekly podcast- Impact Makers with Jennifer McClure- she shares conversations with practitioners, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers who are changing the world, as well as tools, tips, resources, and information to help leaders build careers that they love, and lives that matter.

Jennifer is also the Chief Excitement Officer of DisruptHR, a global community designed to energize, inform, and empower business leaders who are interested in disruptive ideas and moving the collective thinking forward when it comes to talent in the workplace.

Day of Learning Agenda

 7:30am-8:00am  Registration and Breakfast
 8:00am-8:15am Welcome
 8:15am-8:45am Morning Keynote
 8:45am-8:55am Morning Break
 8:55am-9:55am Morning Concurrent Workshops (Choose from 3*)
 9:55am-10:05am Morning Break
 10:05am-10:40am Table Talks
 10:40am-11:00am ATD Kentuckiana Annual Update
 11:00am-11:30pm IMPACT Awards Ceremony
 11:30pm-12:25pm Lunch
 12:25pm-1:25pm Midday Concurrent Workshops (Choose from 3*)
 1:25pm-1:35pm Afternoon Break
 1:35pm-2:35pm Afternoon Concurrent Workshops (Choose from 3*)
 2:35pm-2:50pm Afternoon Break
 2:50pm-3:50pm Closing Keynote: Jennifer McClure, Unbridled Talent & DisruptHR
 3:50pm-4:00pm Closing Remarks
 4:00pm-5:00pm  Optional- Muhammad Ali Center Tour

*HRCI Credit Pending Approval

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Concurrent Sessions and Speakers

Morning Workshops

Elizabeth Cobban, Leadership and Organizational Development Specialist, ResCare

Doug Collins, Manager of Leadership and Organization Development, ResCare

Driving Culture Through The Way We Lead

Explore how our signature internal leadership development program built on our company's LEGACY guiding principles has addressed gaps in leadership while reinforcing our broader culture initiative. Learn how the Instructional Design strategy we used to reach 4,000 geographically-dispersed leaders with limited training resources. Learn how we utilized Level 1 and Level 2 evaluations to measure success and add value to the organization.

Learning Objectives

1. Describe the advantages of building an internal leadership development program tied to organizational culture

2. Describe a blended learning approach successful in reaching a geographically-dispersed audience with limited training resources

3. Apply Level 1 and Level 2 evaluations to their internal leadership programs

Jon Foley, Worldwide Service Training Manager, Lexmark

How to Conduct a Performance Analysis

Most training courses fail. Huh? That's right! Most training courses do not achieve the end results that sponsors intended them to achieve. With this in mind, when a potential sponsor asks you to develop a training program, one of the first things you may want to do is complete a Performance Analysis (PA). 

A Performance Analysis is useful in identifying alternatives to training or actions that should be taken in addition to training in order to meet the sponsor's performance goals. 

There are many different versions of Performance Analyses. This one was developed by Robert F. Mager and Peter Pipe. If you have ever developed three-part learning objectives, you are familiar with the work of Bob Mager. This PA is taught in many university graduate performance improvement programs.

Learning Objectives

1. Follow a systematic performance analysis process

2. Define and quantify the cost of the performance problem

3. Identify and select the best combination of solutions to resolve the performance problem

William Ryan, Principal Consultant, Ryan Consulting, LLC

Closing the Credential Gap: From Badge to Bachelors

This session will focus on the learning path an organization can use to develop employees on a career pathway that meets the business needs and develops an internal talent pipeline that builds for future growth by developing and impacting people through learning solutions that maximize resources that are available from existing organizational sources, external content providers, and educational institutions.  The session will begin by reviewing a five step model beginning with badges and ending with degrees and examine how current content providers are fitting into this model and where partnerships with educational institutions can create additional options to meet the needs of the business in a timely fashion.   

Learning Objectives

1. Identify a 5 step learning ladder

2. Describe 5 different credential options

3. Describe the attributes badging can bring to internal development efforts

4. Identify the 5 "C"s for success

Midday Workshops- Coming Soon!


Afternoon Workshops- Coming Soon!


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