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  2019 Annual Day of Learning Conference: The Talent Journey 

Once a year, learning and development professionals from around the Kentuckiana region and beyond gather together for a day of collaboration. 


This year we will set off on a 2-leg journey to provide:


Review the agenda below and stay tuned for further announcements regarding workshop facilitators and more!

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Keynote Speakers 



Curating the Employee Experience:  

A Fancy Way of Saying "Make it Personal!"


LaCinda Glover is a Principal in Mercer’s Career and specializes in workforce and executive rewards. LaCinda has been with Mercer for over 14 years.  In addition to her consulting role, she is the Office Business Leader for the Career practice in Louisville and the Operations Lead for the Executive Benefits Group. LaCinda works with tax-exempt organizations, publicly-traded corporations, and privately-held companies in a variety of industries. 


LaCinda’s experience includes the benchmarking, strategy, design, implementation, and communications of staff and executive total rewards programs. Aside from her extensive benefits work, she assists clients with staff and executive compensation competitive assessments, Boards of Directors compensation reviews, and total remuneration competitiveness and strategy alignment. LaCinda also helps many organizations in complying with Intermediate Sanctions, IRC Section 409A, and 457(f).


In addition to her consulting role, LaCinda manages Mercer’s Executive and Broad-based Employee Retirement Tool (EBeRT), which is a unique resource used to conduct custom benchmarking and plan design for clients. She also has 10+ years of custom survey experience.


At Mercer, LaCinda is a member of the Health Care Industry Vertical team and a Total Rewards Champion.


LaCinda received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bellarmine University where she graduated with highest honors. She has four young children and is an active member of her church.





Laugh to the Top: A Hilarious Guide to Achieving Your Goals 

Mack will give you the confidence, practical tools, and motivation needed to attack work-related and personal goals with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. So sit back, relax and prepare to laugh for a solid hour, and learn that nothing can prevent you from making yourself and your organizations the very best that they can be. Mack will outline his Goal Achieving formula and offer practical tools for how to:

  • Control Your Fears and Stresses
  • Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Identify a Specific Target
  • Write a Plan for how to get to your goal
  • Take Decisive Action
  • Study the Reaction you get, the Response
  • Learn from the Response, and Adjust your approach until you find what works.

More about Mack: 

He's been delighting audiences for years with his relaxed stage presence, hilarious yet inspiring material, and uniquely engaging delivery.  As a comedian he's performed on dozens of TV shows, including several appearances on The Tonight Show. As an actor he's appeared in several movies and on many other TV shows, including JAG and a recurring role as a judge on ABC's The Guardian.

Recently he got a standing ovation from 9,000 at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table international conference for financial pros, which led to another triumphant performance for 2,500 financial experts in Macau, China!

Creating hilarious custom humor for each client comes naturally to the former staff writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and his stories of surviving two battles with cancer, a stay in an African prison, "sharks in showbiz who stab you in the front," and one "near-fatal marriage" are as inspiring as they are laugh-out-loud funny.

From humble beginnings as "the funniest paper mill employee in Mississippi," Mack earned a black belt in karate even as he was earning his Masters in Creative Writing. He won two Associated Press writing awards as a reporter in his home state, and finally became a professional comedian whose talent and perseverance landed him numerous TV appearances and got him hand-picked by Bill Maher to write on the acclaimed show.  Now he spends his time writing (his humor column has won top prize in its category from Louisville's Society of Professional Journalists two years in a row) and traveling the country bringing his special brand of Motivation, Inspiration and Jubilation to thousands each year. It hasn't been an easy road; but, as he says, "Falling on your face is still moving forward!"


Leg 1

Erika Tedesco

Behind Bars: What I Learned in Prison about Building Trust

After months of teaching in Kentucky's prison systems with some of the state's most infamous inmates, I learned some quick lessons about developing positive impact through trust relationships. These lessons have served me well in employee relations, coaching, and learning facilitation. Regardless of your talent development role, during this session you will learn impactful ways to build trust and have a positive influence on others.

More about Erika: Currently Managing Director, People Operations at 1109 Bravo; ten years of experience in learning and leadership development.

Lisa Haneberg

Igniting Collaboration Across Diverse Groups

Today’s workplace is more diverse than ever. With employees from many generations and backgrounds operating at varying levels, the opportunity for innovation and creative thinking has also never been greater. But collaboration is necessary for harnessing the power of diverse thinking. In this session, we will explore learning design techniques that will move your diverse audiences from tolerance to fondness and even appreciation, spurring a mutual interest that can lead to true innovation.

More about Lisa: She has been in the Training and OD field for nearly 30 years. She’s written over a dozen nonfiction books, including several for the ATD Press that address soft skills training best practices. Lisa and her husband moved to Lexington from Houston, TX two years ago. 

Michael Gold

Catching Up to Change – Organization design questions to ask to improve performance, what the TD professional needs to know

Companies often do not change as rapidly as the environments in which they operate.  This can lead to poor business performance for even the best talent.  Using a case study, this session will illustrate the relationship between change, organization design and talent, and provide an organization design model to diagnose performance challenges.

More about Michael: Principal of Gold Standard Consulting, which specializes in strategic planning and organization design. 


Muhammad Ali Center | 144 N 6th Street, Louisville KY 40202

 The Muhammad Ali Center is in downtown Louisville with an amazing view of the Ohio River and the downtown skyline. A visit to the Muhammad Ali Center is not just an experience, but a journey into the heart of a champion. The Center's three levels of award-winning exhibits and galleries invite visitors to explore Muhammad Ali's legendary life, as well as to reflect upon one's own individual values, inner strength, character, and what makes you the greatest person you can be.

 The good news?

Your conference ticket grants you free access to explore the museum!

The Day of Learning agenda incorporates time for you to tour the museum and learn more about Muhammad Ali's life and legacy! If you've never been to the museum, prepare to have your socks blown off! The Muhammad Ali Center provides the perfect atmosphere for learning, networking, and creating high performance teams!


Even better, FREE PARKING! You don't want to miss this event!


ATD Kentuckiana | 3044 Bardstown Road, #1275 | Louisville, KY 40205


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