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  1. ROI Basics You Can Utilize Today!

  2. Get Exclusive Access to Accel5 During Employee Learning Week (Accel5 PDF)

  3. Multimedia in eLearning: Four Tips to Boost Retention and Avoid Overload (12-2017, Author Henry Kronk)

  4. How eLearning Retains Millennials, Part 1: Understanding Millennials (11-2017, Author Sherman Morrison)

  5. Keeping Your Talent Team Healthy (09-2017, Author Demetria Miles-McDonald)

  6. The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st Century Workplace (07-2017

  7. The 3 Rules of Improv That Will Change Your School Culture  (6-2017 Brett Clark)

  8. Managing the Soft Skills Gap in Younger Workers (3-2017 Author Bruce Tulgan)

  9. 6 Signs You Have a Growth Mindset (2-2017 Author Clara Von Ins)

  10. Positive Change Management Starts With Yourself (1-2017 Author Elad Levinson)

  11. Preparing Employees for Disruptive Change (12-2016 Author Don Levonius)

  12. How to Engage Emerging Leaders: A Quick-start Guide (10-2016 Author Bill Mugavin)

  13. Preparing for What’s Next: How Managers Can Unlock Strategic Thinking (09-2016 Author Mary Lippitt )

  14. The Shift From Instructional Design to Experience Design (From The Harvard Business Review by Josh Bersin )

  15. 2016’s Top Talent Management Priority (06/2016 Author Cait Etherington)

  16. Bridging the Skills Gap: Workforce Development is Everyone's Business (06/2016  Author Kristen Fyfe-Mills)

  17. 10 Training Development Tips for Instructional Designers and Trainers (05/2016 Author Geri Lopker)

  18. What Is Instructional Design? (You May Be Surprised!) (04/2016  Author Diane Valenti)

  19. 5 Fantastic Engagement Software Solutions for 2016 (03/2016 Author Don Weobong)

  20. Workforce Development Is Everyone’s Business…Especially Yours (02/2016 Author Ann Parker)

  21. Hiring the Right People: Why Employers Stumble (12/21/15 Author: Scott Brennan)

  22. The 2 C's That Determine If Your Employees Stay or Leave (11/2/15 Author: Priya Dhingra Klocek)

  23. No Employee Loyalty? Millennials Aren't the (Only) Culprit (9/29/15 Author: Cara Silletto, MBA)

  24. The Art of Breaking the Ice (9/5/15 Author: Micheal Harper)

  25. KYATD Developing Those Who Develop Our Workforce (9/5/15 Author: Danielle DeFerraro)

  26. Creating an Evidence-Based Coaching Culture (7/13/15 Author Whitney Martin, M.S. & Hope Zoeller, Ed.D)

  27. eLearning Without a Budget (Meeting Resources) (4/26/15 Author Karl Richter)

  28. Use Flexibility to Attract Talent from Big Companies  (4/2015 Author: Eric Brown)
  29. 2015 Award Application
  30. 2015 Award Criteria

  31. Training the Trainers - ATD Hosts Yearly Conference 2016

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